Book Review: Kids Deserve It!

The book by Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome’s title “Kids Deserve It!” says it all!


Don’t be afraid to try something new. Be brave and take the leap and “give them something to talk about”. In order to start a “spark” you need to collaborate! There is greatness when working together with other teachers. It is important to move beyond our comfort zone and try something different.  If we want different results – we need to try something different.  “We live in a world where we can no longer claim ignorance- only an unwillingness to learn”.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Never say never! You might think that something won’t work- but don’t say no before you try it! These are just some of the highlights that they focus on in their book.

“When you are not sharing your brilliant ideas, you are doing a disservice to others”

– Angela Maiers

This book truly focuses on the relationship between the teacher and the child and understanding that when allowing students to have a voice- you can deepen the relationship and trust. Our impact is measured in different ways each day, some days it is clear as day, while other times it takes longer to see.  Don’t give up – because what you do does make an impact.

I loved the seven practices that make you a better leader

  1. Get a clear vision
  2. Be courageous to make decisions that are best for kids
  3. Own up to your failures
  4. Create environments where innovation is the norm
  5. Be willing to lean on others
  6. Give credit and allow others to shine
  7. Be a lifelong learner

“We have the power to tear down or build up the children who walk into our lives every day”

Don’t use excuses- “put the bat in their hands”.  Remove the boundaries for the students and see what they are capable of. Remember that you are a team and together you can achieve success. Let your student’s voices be heard and use their input in your decisions. “Find the child inside you again and bring back that excitement and wonder back”. It won’t always be easy but it will be worth it. Don’ forget to unplug and recharge yourself too.

I loved the fact that at the end of each chapter they would have a section of things to consider.  Looking up the #KidsDesrveIt will also result in many different ideas from across the world.

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