GooseChase- A New Twist on an Old Game!

Guest blog by Amy Senato, Science Coordinator in Mansfield ISD.

What is GooseChase?

Have you ever done a scavenger hunt where you have to find certain items around the neighborhood? It may have been things like a can of beans or a ball of yarn.  Well, then you need to check out GooseChase!  

GooseChase is a new and innovative twist on the scavenger hunt.  It digitizes the scavenger hunt and allows teachers to use the evidence that students have captured and use it as a teaching tool.

GooseChase is an amazingly interactive way to get students connecting to the content, schools, open house, etc in authentic ways. GooseChase was developed in Canada and has been implemented in schools, businesses, and communities. For more information about GooseChase-

From an educational perspective, GooseChase can be used to:

  • Make field trips more authentic
  • Review concepts in an interactive way
  • Engages the learner ( parent, child or teacher)
  • Involve the parents in their child’s learning
  • Allows students to stay powered up

What’s Cool about GooseChase?

Once a teacher or District purchases a GooseChase subscription (pricing info is available on the GooseChase website), teachers can set up their account, create games and then send their students out to learn on the go! Our district has a district-wide license for all teachers grades K-12. Our campuses have used GooseChase games for Meet the Teacher Night, Math/Literacy Nights, Open house to name a few. Our teachers use it as a curriculum review for formative assessment, on field trips to make these experiences more authentic. The GooseChase company is very open to working with educators and districts. 🙂

In a game, the teacher creates missions (game questions) for the students.  To play the game, students download the GooseChase app from their app store, search for the game by the game name or code, enter the password and then begin submitting their mission answers. 

Students submit their responses in the form of a photo, video, text answer or GPS check-in. Students can work individually or as a member of a team. The teachers can set the game time to be 10 minutes or 3 weeks.

Student submissions can be downloaded and saved by the teacher to use as they introduce topics, to review for assessments or to make connections to the content. Kids love seeing their pictures used as part of the lesson.

Goosechase 1Goosechase 2Goosechase 3

We Finished a GooseChase Game…Now What?

Once a game has ended, teachers can download the pictures and videos.  These can be used to review content before a curriculum-based assessment or as a formative assessment.  The submissions can also be part of the lesson as an intro, recap or reflection. Ashley Coffman and Brittany Jeanes are two of our Ed Techs who I work with.  We have created Field Trip games for the hotspots that are campuses go it. Using a GooseChase on a field trip allows the chaperones to know exactly what the students should be looking for.  It also means that students don’t need to keep up with a paper-pencil assignment for the field trip. Once the field trip is over, the teacher has all of the pictures and videos to connect the field trip experience to what they are studying.

Reviews on GooseChase

We have positive feedback from both the campus and parents alike.  The parents feel like they are more connected to their child’s learning and teachers love being able to use the submissions in lessons.  We have even had a few parents who have purchased their own license to use for their child’s birthday party, family reunion, etc.

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