How to Merge H.O.T. with Technology

There have been countless studies to show which ways students learn best. The results are clear- students learn best when doing! When students are the creators of knowledge their retention of information increases. A student who teaches what they have learned or create a product with what they have learned also has a greater understanding of the content.

Below you will find several examples that can be implemented to assist students in going deeper into their content. When students feel that they have a choice in how the assignment is completed- the end result could be far greater than imagined.


Creative ways to include synthesize activities in your class today:

  • Be Blogster
    • Design an online blog to share ideas, insight, and knowledge. Use tools such as Blogster, WordPress, Weebly or WIX to do this.
  • Mix Things Up
  • Express Yourself
  • Lights, Camera, Action
  • Live in 3,2,1
    • Have students organize and plan live broadcasts over current events.



Creative ways to include evaluate activities in your class today:

  • Shark Tank
    • Construct a commercial to pitch a product and defend it to a panel of judges. Use tools such as iMovie and Videolicious to do this.
  • Ken Burns Style
    • Interpret your views over a topic and justify your position by creating a documentary. Use tools such as Adobe Voice and iMovie to do this.
  • Socratic Seminar
    • Facilitate a class discussion where students compare and defend their research. Use tools such as Socratic Seminar app to do this.
  • Teacher for a Day
  • Tell your Story
    • Be a published author. Allow students to share their story with an authentic audience. Use tools such as Bookcreator and iBooks author to do this.



Creative ways to include analyze activities in your class today:

  • Show Me the Data
    • Outline, structure, and analyze data with spreadsheets. Use tools such as Google Sheets and Excel to do this.
  • As Seen on TV
    • Advertise and market a product or promote a business. Use tools such as QR codes, Canva, WIX or Smore to do this.
  • Break it Down
    • Categorize and illustrate class topics using Venn Diagrams and other visual tools. Use tools such as Venn Diagram, Mentimeter and Popplet to do this.
  • Survey Says
  • If You Build it
    • Classify and group items using a diagram, web or graphic organizer. Use tools such as Popplet,  and Inspiration maps to do this.


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