Social Distancing Educational Resources

Thanks to Caty Dearing @catydear ( ) for this amazing and comprehensive list of resources to use.  Caty works for Region 11.

Below you will see screen shots of the resources collected, but a live document is available here for you to access.

This is a living document. I will be adding to this document as I discover and vet various resources. If the resource seemed too complicated to procure or only led to a short trial with a credit card requirement, I did not list it. The assumption I have made is that if teachers are wanting digital resources, they likely already have a learning management system such as Canvas or Google Classroom, so I didn’t list many systems like that. I wanted all of these resources to be able to be used by both teachers and parents. 2.

Another important factor is that these grade bands are based on my judgement after playing around with the link a bit. If anyone working for a website or tool has a correction, or if you try something and the grade bands don’t seem to align, please let me know.

capture 1

capture 2

capture 3

capture 4

capture 5

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