New Year, New Learning Resolutions

In education, August is the time for new plans, new goals, and dreams about the new school year.  In the rest of the world that time is January.

As I was drafting thoughts for this post, George Couros was writing about the new year as well on his blog.  He has challenged us to set and share a learning resolution for 2017 using #EDU2017.  Let’s take advantage of this new calendar year and commit to learn something new, for the sake of learning.

First, decide what you want to learn in 2017.  Be a model for others to set a goal with intentionality and commit yourself to this.   Need ideas?  Resolve to learn…

  • Blogging (starting, posting regularly, commenting, …)
  • Creating (podcasts, videos, graphics, …)
  • Leading (building capacity in others, modeling practices, following a mission/vision, …)
  • Designing (flipped instruction, learner-led conferences, student-centered instruction, inquiry-based lesson design, …)
  • others?

Then, capture your goal.  Use the camera on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone and capture a short video.  Post it to Twitter using #EDU2017.


Need a place to start?

  • Robert Kaplinsky recently posted 6 Non-Educational Books All Educators Should Read – Many of these books have given me the perspective I was missing.
  • Learning Resources for Teachers linked from the Apple Teacher page – Great starting point if you want to learn about any Apple tools from productivity/creativity with your iPad or Mac to Keynote, Pages, and Garageband.
  • Prefer conferences or other in-person events?  Check out TEA’s Events Calendar for education-related conferences and events in 2017.

As with our learners, we know this (from Article IV: Accountability for Learning):

IV.h End results are not the only results that matter, for some results are set as goals that, if achieved first, would enhance the end result.


One thought on “New Year, New Learning Resolutions

  1. Cathy Garcia says:

    I have printed out this post and placed it in my blog folder. I need to get in a routine of blogging regularly. I am pretty resistant to videoing myself for the #edu2017 challenge, but I am trying to work myself up for it. Thanks for the tips and encouragment!


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